Friday, October 7, 2011

String Bean Western Style 乾扁四季豆

在我記憶裡, 我吃過最好吃的乾扁四季豆, 是在家鄉的一家小川菜館, 可惜他們已經沒有營業了, 也許因為如此, 每每去吃川菜, 幾乎都一定會點這道乾扁四季豆, 可是也幾乎沒有一家做出我想念的味道.

In my memory, the best String Bean Western Style that I had tasted, was in a small Szechuan restaurant in my hometown, too bad they are out of business now, and maybe because of this, almost every time we went for Szechuan cuisine, I'll order this dish, but almost none of them too were able to reproduce the taste that I miss.

因此, 根據我依稀的印象, 也剛好那天在農夫市場買到很新鮮的四季豆, 所以就自己動手試試看可否炒出那個味道.

Therefore, based on my vaguely memory on that, I try to do it myself and see if I could be able to cook that taste, since I've bought some very fresh string beans from the farmer market.

材料方面很簡單, 只是用了四季豆, 蒜蓉, 菜脯碎, 糖, 醬油和菜油.

The ingredient was simple, only needed string beans, minced garlic, chopped dried radish, sugar, soy sauce and vegetable oil.

1) 首先, 把菜脯碎用水沖洗數遍以減少它的咸味(或許某些牌子的菜脯碎如果沒有那麼咸就可以只沖洗一次), 然後家少許糖混合, 待用.
Firstly, rinsed the chopped dried radish through the water for few times to reduce the saltiness (maybe some other brand which doesn't taste so salty can reduce the rinse amount to one), then add some sugar and mix it.

2) 接下來把洗乾淨的四季豆抹乾, 下熱油鍋炸至表皮有點皺皺和帶少許焦褐色, 撈起瀝乾油份.
Dry the washed string beans with kitchen towel, then fry them in the hot oil until the surface become wrinkle and a little burnt-brownish, take them out to drain the oil.

3) 熱鍋,下少許油, 把蒜蓉和菜脯碎爆香, 再下剛才的四季豆一起炒片刻, 最後下醬油(份量根據醬油的咸度, 我用的是少鈉, 所以比一般的多放些)和少許糖炒至全部材料都沾上醬油的顏色即可上菜.
Heat the wok, add in some oil, saute the chopped garlic and dried radish, then put in the string beans and stir fry for a while, at last, add in the soy sauce (the portion depends on the saltiness of the soy sauce, mine is low sodium, so I add in a little bit more) and a pinch of sugar and stir fry until the ingredients all coated with the soy sauce, and it is now ready to serve.

儘管是第一次嘗試, 但是很高興炒出來的味道很棒, 雖然還不到餐館的水平, 但是還是有少許那個想念的乾扁四季豆的味道.

Although this is my first attempt, I'm glad that the taste is delicious, still not up to the restaurant level yet, but at least it bring back some of the taste of the String Bean Western Style in my memory.

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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Baby Blanket 寶寶小被

7月份的時候探望了老公的妹妹, 得知她有了身孕, 我就自薦的說要鉤織一件寶寶的小被給她, 作為給即將出世的小貝比的禮物.

When we visited my sister-in-law during July and found out that she is pregnant, I've promised her that I'll crochet a baby blanket for her, as the present for the coming new born.

我選擇的鉤織圖案, 也就是毛線包裝上就有提供的一個免費圖案, 可是局部完成的時候, 我覺得尺寸有點小, 所以就多鉤了數行直到我滿意的size, 因此花了我幾乎兩個月的時間才完成 (而當然中間也有偷懶的時間啦~) 這也是我目前為止鉤織過最大件的作品了.

The pattern that I chose was a free pattern at the yarn's packaging, when it was partially completed, the size was kind of smaller than I thought, so I've added a few rows of motif until the desire size, therefore it took me almost 2 months to complete (and of course I did take a break in between~) This is the biggest crochet project I've made so far.

Bernat Baby Blanket

雖然手工沒有很精細, 但是整體感覺還不錯, 希望她喜歡囉~

Although the quality of the craftsmanship was not perfect, but the overall was not bad, and I hope she will like it~
To be mailed out soon~

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