Monday, October 1, 2012

My First Time Market Sale 人生第一次市集賣會

After I opened my shop at Etsy, I was stumbled upon a chance to participate in an open market sale. At first, I was hesitated to join, as worried that my products have no market, worried that I might not have what it takes to become a real seller, worried that I can't come up with enough numbers of product to be sold. However, after discuss with hubby and think it through again, I think I should give it a try if I would like to make my hobby into a real business. (Besides, there is an early participate discount too for the fee! ^_^)

自從在Etsy開了我的網路商店後,偶然的遇上了一個參加開放市場的機會。起初,我猶豫是否該參加,因為擔心我的產品沒有市場,也擔心我並沒有條件成為真正的賣主,同時也擔心不可能在預期內完成足夠的成品。然而,在與老公談論并且再反覆思考後,我覺得若想要把我的嗜好變成一個生意, 就應該要試一試。(此外,提早參與還有優惠價呢! ^_^)

So finally, I decided to join this Minikins Market which was held in San Jose on Sep 30.

結果, 我就決定參與9月30日在San Jose舉行的Minikins Market了。

From the day I registered till the actual day, there was a 2 months period for me for preparation. Originally my target was to crochet 60 amigurumis, which means one a day, but then found that it was kind of mission impossible for me, as I'm not a fast crocheter, and, to design, it took some time too. So at the end, I was managed to complete a total of 39 amigurumis for my market sale. (And it could be more if not due to the pain on my wrist and fingers after days after days of full-time crochet. Salute to those who can do it everyday!)

從報名到真正的那天, 總共有兩個月的時間給我做準備。本來我的目標是鉤出60只鉤織娃娃的, 那表示一天做出一個, 可是後來發覺這對我是太天方夜譚了, 因為我的動作不快, 加上要設計也需要時間。結果到最後, 我成功鉤了39只娃娃。(如果不是因為連日連夜的鉤織導致手腕和手指疼痛, 應該可以更多的。在此非常敬佩那些可以每天不停手的高人!)

Finally, the day has come!
The market was held in a hall, with around 50 (I guess) sellers, some were like me selling own product, while some were selling pre-loved items.

終於, 那一天到來了!
這一次的開放市場在一個大廳內舉辦, 大約有50個賣主參與(我猜啦), 有些就像我這樣有自己的產品, 有些則是販賣二手貨.

Since I'm a first-timer, I didn't really know how to decorate my table, and really not good in making sales, haha~
Luckily with the help of my outgoing hubby, able to improve a bit, and finally, I've sold out 9 amigurumis, although only a fraction of my total, but able to get some good feedback from the customers that my amigurumis are cute, so for that, it was a great success!

由於我是第一次參與, 所以並不太懂得裝飾我的檔口, 而且也不太會銷售, 哈哈~
還有有我那外向的老公幫忙, 總算進步一點點, 而最後成功賣出9只娃娃, 雖然只是總數的一小部分, 但是由於得到滿好的回響, 說我的娃娃很可愛, 所以就此來說, 已經是大大成功了!

Although it was kind of fun for joining this kind of open market, but I don't think I'll do it frequently as it was really a hard-work task for my hands, not worth it if it hurts them and cost me a big medical bill, haha~

雖然參與這類型的市集還滿好玩的, 可是我想我應該不會常常參加, 因為這對我的雙手是一份苦差啊, 我可不想因此而弄傷它們而花上大筆醫藥費呢, 哈哈~


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