Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Double Knitting Snowflakes Scarf 雪花飄飄圍巾

Winter is coming and I just feel like knitting some snowy themed scarf.

冬天即將來臨, 而我很想要織一條以雪為主題的圍巾.

I was looking for a technique which I can have the reverse side of the scarf to look as pretty as the front, no offense but I personally do not really like the look of purl stitch, then I came across this technique called "Double Knitting" which can fulfill my demand.
The best part of it is, I can knit both sides at the same time with a seamless edge, creating a double thickness and warmness for the cold winter, and also stunning motifs on both sides with contrast colors.
Double knitting is not something complicated, anyone who can knit and purl can do this, just consider this a level up as doing both at the same time.

我一直想要找尋一種針織技巧, 可以前後都一樣漂亮, 因為我個人其實不太喜歡上針編織出來的圖樣, 直到我找到這個叫作"雙面織"的技巧, 完全可以滿足我的要求.
更棒的是, 我可以同時間織前後雙面而擁有無縫邊緣, 織出雙倍的厚度過個暖暖的冬天, 加上可以織出雙面顏色對比的圖案.
雙面織其實不是甚麼複雜的東西, 任何懂得上針和下針的人就可以做到, 就把它當作是一個升級版, 因為現在需要的是同時上下針.

I've gathered different kind of snowflakes picture and transformed into the pattern for knitting. Then study the double knitting technique and done some research to find the best way to cast-on and bind-off for seamless edges, so that no bulky edges as in the common long tail cast-on or the knit-knit-pass-first-stitch-over-second bind-off method.

我收集了許多不同種類的雪花圖案, 再把它們轉換成針織圖樣. 然後了解雙面織的技巧, 和做了一些功課找出最好的起針和收邊的方法, 可以織出無縫的邊緣, 而不像一般的起針收針法會出現的明顯的邊緣.

This is the first try to design my own scarf pattern, the download link is available below. If unable to see the preview, just email me at changweiyun@hotmail.com and I'll send you the PDF file.
Feel free to comment if anything unclear.

這是我第一次嘗試設計圍巾圖樣, 下載地址在下面. 如果沒辦法預覽, 請寄郵件給我changweiyun@hotmail.com, 我會把PDF文件檔email給你.
** 只供個人用途 **
若有任何疑問, 歡迎留言.


I've made three videos in order to help out whoever interested in knitting this scarf.

我錄製了三段視頻, 希望可以幫助有興趣針織這條圍巾的朋友.

(1) Cast-on for Double Knitting Scarf 雙面圍巾的起針法

(2) Knitting the Pattern 針織圖樣步驟

(3) Bind-off for Double Knitting Scarf 雙面圍巾的收針法

There are multiple ways to wear this scarf, and I'm showing a couple of them as below.

這條雙面圍巾可以有很多種穿法, 下面我展示了幾種.


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