Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Cozy Cabled Hat 麻花暖暖帽

蠻久沒有織帽子了, 那天去Michaels剛好有特價, 所以買了卷Loops & Threads 的Cozy Wool毛線, 厚厚的毛線, 一卷剛好夠織一頂包裝上提供的款式的帽子.

It's been quite some time I haven't knitted a hat, and so since that day I went to Michaels which was having sales, I've bought a ball of Loops & Threads' Cozy Wool, super bulky weight yarn, one ball enough to make a cozy cabled hat which the pattern was provided on the packaging.

這個帽子的圖樣不太難, 只要懂得ribbing和cable knitting就可以做到. 只不過由於這個毛線粗的關係, 害我織cable織到我手指疼, 還好粗毛線的作品可以很快完成, 所以就算慢慢織, 一天就可以搞定了.
(可惜我在網上找不到這個圖樣分享, 不然一定貼上網址給有興趣的朋友)

The pattern of the hat was not difficult, as long as you know ribbing and cable knitting. However, due to the thickness of the yarn, it caused me quite some pain on my fingers while doing the cable, luckily thick yarn means quick project, even knit it slowly, one day is enough to finish it.
(Too bad I can't find the pattern online, or else I'll sure paste the link here to share out)

 me and my piggy sharing the hat, haha~

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