Saturday, December 17, 2011

Amigurumi Sleepy Baby Sheep 愛睡綿羊寶寶鉤織娃娃

完成了老公的聖誕禮物, 終於有時間可以動手做我久違的鉤織娃娃了.

After completing my Christmas present for hubby,  finally I have time to make the amigurumi that I've put aside for quite a while.

這個綿羊寶寶的鉤織圖樣其實已經在我的存檔蠻久了, 可是因為之前一直有許多想要先弄的作品, 所以現在終於可以把它挖出來了.

I've had this baby sheep crochet pattern for a long time, but before this there was always something else that in queue, so now finally I can dig it out.

Baby Sheep Free Pattern

當初看到照片就愛上這只綿羊寶寶了, 愛睡的樣子真是可愛極了! 加上款式其實不複雜, 所以用了一天把它完成.

The moment I saw the photo of this baby sheep, I just fall in love with it as it is so cute! Besides, the pattern was quite simple, I've used a day to finish it.

可是出來的效果不如我想像的好, 絕對沒有原版的可愛, 我猜可能是原版的白色毛線是毛茸茸的那種, 而我使用的只是一般的毛線. 而且原版說不要把肚子塞得鼓鼓的, 我卻相反, 因為我喜歡握起來漲漲的感覺, 然後製作身體和頭時要用比較大號的鉤針, 而我因為沒有, 所以整個娃娃都是同一號鉤針, 所以就沒有原版那種手腳小小的樣子. 原版的看起來好好抱哦!

The outcome was not as I expected, not as cute as the original, I guess maybe because I used the normal yarn instead of the furry yarn for the white part. And the pattern stated just slightly stuff the tummy, I did the opposite, as I like the feeling of squeezy, and the body and head suppose to use a larger size hook, since I don't have it, I had to complete the whole thing in one size hook, causing to not have the small hand and foot as in the original. The original looks so comfortable to hug!

無論如何, 我還是很喜歡它的~

Anyway, I still love it~

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