Monday, July 16, 2012

Grand opening of my Etsy shop: amilovers ~ 新張營業!

After the encouragement from friends and family on the crafts that I've made, finally I've set up and opened my first ever online shop through Etsy - amilovers, selling the toys/dolls (amigurumi) I've crocheted stitch by stitch by myself!

I'm so excited about it and hopes to see some customer flows coming in soon, wish me luck!

經過一直以來朋友和家人對於我的手作的鼓勵與支持, 我終於通過Etsy開始了我人生第一間的網路商店 - amilovers, 賣出由我親手一針一目縫製的娃娃!

對此心裡非常興奮, 也希望不久的日子裡就可以看到源源不絕的客戶(哈, 好貪心喔!), 祝我成功吧!

amilovers @ Etsy

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1 comment:

Voon Wee said...

Wow! Congrats! Very happy for U! I can feel the excitement too! =D All the best ya! =)