Thursday, October 6, 2011

Baby Blanket 寶寶小被

7月份的時候探望了老公的妹妹, 得知她有了身孕, 我就自薦的說要鉤織一件寶寶的小被給她, 作為給即將出世的小貝比的禮物.

When we visited my sister-in-law during July and found out that she is pregnant, I've promised her that I'll crochet a baby blanket for her, as the present for the coming new born.

我選擇的鉤織圖案, 也就是毛線包裝上就有提供的一個免費圖案, 可是局部完成的時候, 我覺得尺寸有點小, 所以就多鉤了數行直到我滿意的size, 因此花了我幾乎兩個月的時間才完成 (而當然中間也有偷懶的時間啦~) 這也是我目前為止鉤織過最大件的作品了.

The pattern that I chose was a free pattern at the yarn's packaging, when it was partially completed, the size was kind of smaller than I thought, so I've added a few rows of motif until the desire size, therefore it took me almost 2 months to complete (and of course I did take a break in between~) This is the biggest crochet project I've made so far.

Bernat Baby Blanket

雖然手工沒有很精細, 但是整體感覺還不錯, 希望她喜歡囉~

Although the quality of the craftsmanship was not perfect, but the overall was not bad, and I hope she will like it~
To be mailed out soon~

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