Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Ray's Sushi @ Hayward

週年慶當晚, 我們去了吃壽司.
這家餐廳原本之前在GPS上已經找到, 不過沒去過, 但朋友說很不錯, 然後我上網查了一下, 果真網上對於它的食物評價不賴哦, 所以就決定試試看~

On the night of our anniversary, we went for sushi.
We have found this restaurant through GPS before, but never try it, friend did had a good comment on it, then after I searched online, for sure it has a good review on their food, so we definitely will try it~

Ray's Sushi

網上評價也說他們常爆滿, 而且服務有時不太好, 所以我們有了心理建設, 只是打算轉注在食物上就可以了. 可是那天我們到達已經晚上8點多的高峰時段, 竟然讓我們幸運的一到就有位子, 但是接下來就看到許多人在排隊等候了. 當晚我們體驗到的服務也不錯啊, 網友投訴的不裝茶水的問題也沒有發生在我們身上~

According to online review, this restaurant always full, and the service are not that good, so we had this in mind, and planned only to focus on the food and not the service. However, when we reached there after 8pm, which was supposed to be the peak hour, we were lucky to have a seat right after we arrived, but not so for those who came after us. The services we had were not bad that night, the complaint on not getting water/tea did not happened on us~

這裡最棒的, 就是超大份量! 不管是壽司卷還是生魚片, 都是材料十足. 價格和其他日本餐廳差不多, 可是搭上這種份量就很划算了, 尤其生魚片的厚度, 幾乎就是別家餐廳的兩倍嘛!

The best thing about here is, the portion! No matter is sushi roll or sashimi, the quantity of material is so full. Although the price is quite similar to other Japanese restaurant, it is definitely very cost-effective if pair with this portion, especially the sashimi, almost double the size of other restaurants!

我們點了五道 - Assorted Sashimi (小), Lion King Roll, Dynamite Roll, Tuna Tataki, Salmon Skin Handroll
We orderd five dishes - Assorted Sashimi (small), Lion King Roll, Dynamite Roll, Tuna Tataki, Salmon Skin Handroll

Assorted Sashimi

非常厚的生魚片, 很新鮮好吃~
Super thick sashimi, very fresh and delicious~

Lion King Roll & Dynamite Roll

Lion King Roll是招牌菜之一, 它其實是California Roll外面一層厚厚的烤三文魚和美乃芝醬, 我最愛這!
Lion King Roll is one of the famous dish in the restaurant, actually it is California Roll wrapped with a thick grill salmon and mayonnaise sauce, I love this the most!

Dynamite Roll是老公最愛, 因為他喜歡spicy tuna, 這可真的有點辣哦~
Dynamite Roll is hubby's favourite, as he likes Spicy tuna, and this is really a SPICY roll~

Tuna Tataki

我們不確定這是甚麼, 所以點來嘗. 基本上就是一塊表皮微熟的tuna切成薄片, 然後配上一些沾醬吃, 我們不太喜歡它的沾醬, 有點太酸, 還是比較愛tuna生魚片.
We were not sure what is that, so just ordered to try. Basically it was a chunk of tuna with outer layer slightly cook, then sliced into thin pieces, and eat with some special sauces, we don't really like the sauces as too sour for us, we still love the original tuna sashimi.

Salmon Skin Handroll

這是我第一次吃到裡面塞到那麼滿三文魚皮的手卷, 超誇張的! 很脆口, 可是味道我覺得和一般的不太一樣, 也說不出來甚麼地方不同. 對了, 吃了之後才記得忘了拍照 :P
This is the first time I ate a handroll that stuffed with so many salmon skin, its superb! Very crispy, but I felt that the taste was different from the normal salmon skin handroll, can't really explain what was the difference though. And yes, I forgot to take the photo of this :P

吃了這一頓超級飽的一餐, 我們已經把它定為一定還會再來的餐廳了! ^^
After this super full meal, we have marked it as "definitely will come back again" restaurant! ^^ Pin It Now!

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