Friday, December 16, 2011

Raglan Sleeved Pullover 插肩長袖毛衣

蠻久之前就買了一本專織男性款式的棒針書<Knits Men Want>, 因為覺得老是在為自己編織, 卻甚少為老公弄個甚麼, 之前最厲害的就只有去年那件格子毛背心了. 所以在我忙完那條雙面圍巾後, 就動手這一個項目了.

I've bought this specially knitting for guys book <Knits Men Want> for quite some time already, as I always knit for myself, but seldom knit anything for my hubby, the most was just the argyle vest that I knitted last year. So after I finished the double knitting scarf, I decided to start this project.

從書中選了兩個款式, 一件是Raglan Sleeved Henley, 另一件是Baseball Jersey. 最後決定是第一款, 因為沒有嘗試過插肩式, 而且這個款式也比較簡單.

I've chosen two styles from the book, one is the Raglan Sleeved Henley, another is the Baseball Jersey. Finally I decided to make the first style, as I never try knitting raglan style before, and this pattern is much easier.

插肩式其實真的蠻簡單, 只是從領口處開始用輪針慢慢的增加針目一片式的織下去, 所以肩膀上, 袖子上和主衣邊上不會出現縫接處, 整體比較美觀.
而且這也是我第一次嘗試長袖和有紐扣的款式, 其實沒有想像難~

Raglan style was pretty easy actually, all start at the neck edge with circular needle, slowly increased the stitches and knitted one piece from top down, so there was no sewing edges at the shoulder, sleeves and main body, overall it looked tidier.
Besides, this was my first time trying a pattern with long sleeves and button, it was not as hard as I thought~

原本款式只是單一顏色, 可是我想要購買的毛線數量不夠, 所以我就稍微更改了一下, 把中間部分改為淺灰色, 然後在袖口處也給編上兩條淺灰色, 不會那麼單調.

The original pattern called for only one color yarn, but the yarn that I wanted was not enough in stock, so I decided to slightly change the pattern, which the middle part of the main body had been changed to light grey, while knitted two light grey stripes at the sleeve ends.

東方人的身體沒有老外的寬, 也沒有他們的身體那麼長, 所以我把身體部分的長度縮減, 然後袖子部分也稍作修改得較窄一些. 可是老公說穿上去好像還是覺得寬了些, 抱歉啦, 我的功力還不夠嘛...

Our Asian body was not as wide and slender as the Western guy, so I've shorten the length of the body part, and tighten abit on the sleeve part too. However, hubby was saying it is still a bit too loose for him, I'm sorry dear, my skill is not that good yet....

無論如何, 這就是我送給老公今年的聖誕禮物啦!

No matter how, this will be my Christmas present for my dear hubby!

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