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Amigurumi Mini Giraffe 小小長頸鹿鉤織娃娃

除了愛睡綿羊寶寶, 我收藏已久的另一鉤織娃娃圖樣就是這個小小長頸鹿了. 之前尋找長頸鹿鉤織圖樣時就已經找到這個網頁, 只是當下更喜歡K4TT的長頸鹿抱枕娃娃, 所以就把這個先擱一旁, 直到最近有空才開工.

Besides the Sleepy Baby Sheep, I've collected this Mini Giraffe crochet pattern for long. Found this when previously searching for the giraffe crochet pattern, but at that time was more attracted to K4TT's Pillow Pal Giraffe, so had to put aside this one, until recently I found the time to make it.

(almost) one piece giraffe pattern

這個圖樣自稱為幾乎一件式, 是由於從頭到其中一腳, 都是連續性的鉤下去, 然後另外三隻腳駁線接上去, 隨後把鼻頭, 耳朵和觸角縫上, 最後加上眼睛和鼻孔完成.

This pattern named as almost one piece, because start from the head to one of the leg, it was crocheted continuously, and the other three legs were done by attaching new yarn to the body, then sewed the nose, ears and horns, finally added the eyes and nostrils to complete.

原版圖樣還注明只是鉤織back loop, 我卻忘了, 不過還好出來沒有很怪的樣子.
而原作者說她是左撇子, 所以鉤織方向會不一樣, 我卻沒有注意到這點, 我這個右撇子竟然可以完全根據她的步驟完成, 哈~
不過這圖樣有一個明顯的不同, 就是鉤織的標號, 都是使用英式名詞, 而不是一般的美式名詞, 還好這網頁上還有提供轉換表方便查找.

The original pattern mentioned to crochet into back loop only, but I forgot, luckily the outcome was not weird looking.
Besides, the pattern owner stated that she is a lefty, so the crochet direction was different, but I didn't notice that, so I still follow her instruction even though I'm right handed, haha~
However, the obvious different in this pattern, was the crochet terms, it used English terms instead of American terms, but luckily the conversion chat was provided in the website too for user convenient.

我的這隻小小長頸鹿使用的顏色和原版不一樣, 所以感覺也有點不同. 而由於我的版本身體是單色, 所以我還鉤了幾個斑點圈圈給它.
這一次終於是一隻名副其實的"長頸"鹿了(之前長頸鹿抱枕娃娃就常被問為甚麼脖子那麼短), 可是卻有著四條胖嘟嘟的腿. 不過, 好可愛哦!

My mini giraffe is having a different color as compare to the original, so the feel is a bit different. And since my version is having single color on the body, so I added some spots for it.
Finally, this time is a real "long neck" giraffe (I was frequently being asked on why the neck was so short for my Pillow Pal Giraffe), but with four short and fatty legs. Anyway, it is so cute!

接下來, 來兩張我的鉤織娃娃最近的新成員合照吧~

Let me share two photos of the new members of my crochet toy collections~

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