Monday, May 7, 2012

Amigurumi Beach Wear Palmie Bear Couple 沙灘裝情侶掌心熊鉤織娃娃

Continue to unleash my creativity, and also with the past experiences on the little amigurumi dolls I've made, this time I've created a couple partner - the Beach Wear Palmie Bear Couple!~
Why names as Palmie? That's because they are only palm-sized big~

繼續發揮創意, 以及累計以往那些小型鉤織娃娃的經驗, 這一次創造出了一對情侶搭檔 - 沙灘裝情侶掌心熊!~
為何名為掌心熊? 那是因為它們只有掌心般大小而已哦~

JJ often asked why is that my amigurumi's arms and legs were so long, so this time I slightly changed the style, gave them a pair of short and fatty arms and legs, topped with a big head, kawaii ne~

以前JJ常說我的娃娃怎麼都那麼手長腳長的, 所以這一次稍改作風, 給了它們一雙短短胖胖的手腳, 配合大大的腦袋, 卡哇伊呢~

For the guy version, beside a simple swimming trunks, also crocheted a life preserver as his accessories;
For the girl version, the cutest would be the little piece of bikini, and the blush on the face, how could anyone move his/her sight from this lovely bear?

男生版的, 除了那簡單的泳褲, 還給它織了個救生圈當配飾;
女生版的, 最可愛的莫過於那小小件的比基尼泳裝了, 還有那臉上腮紅, 讓人怎麼舍得把視線拿開呢?

I'm looking forward in creating more Palmie Bear series, coming soon...

我盼望著能夠創造更多的掌心熊系列, 敬請期待哦...

Now available to be purchased at Etsy!

GREAT NEWS! Beach Wear Palmie Couples have been bought and found a new home!
好消息!沙灘裝情侶掌心熊已經被購買, 找到它們的新家了! 
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