Monday, May 7, 2012

Amigurumi Sweetheart Pink Bear 甜心粉紅熊鉤織娃娃

After two successful attempts of crocheting cute bear dolls, I have now more confidence in creating more of them.

經過兩次成功鉤織出可愛的玩具熊, 現在的我更加有信心去做更多的熊熊了.

This time, I've chosen the same yarn as Baby Bear Paton Divine, but the color is Chantilly Rose, a light pink color.
The mouth of my last two bears was crocheted with normal worsted weight yarn, but this time, I used the same yarn as the body, and changed the yarn for palm and feet into the same as for Snuggly Polar Bear, so the whole teddy is just a furry little fellow, so adorable!

這一次的熊熊, 我選用了和熊寶寶同樣的毛線總類Paton Divine, 但是顏色則是淡淡的粉紅色.
上兩次的泰迪熊的嘴巴都是用普通毛線鉤織的, 而這一次的, 我就使用和身體同樣的毛毛線, 而手掌和腳掌則使用軟軟北極熊同樣的毛線, 所以整隻熊熊都是毛茸茸的, 可愛極了!

Besides, I've added a little detail for it, stitched a bright pink love on its right foot, and also a tiny belly button, create some personality out of ordinary, haha~

除此, 我還使了一點小心機, 在右腳掌上繡了個鮮粉紅愛心, 還給了它一個小肚臍眼, 讓它在平淡中增添一點個人特色, 哈~


Finally, a family portrait time!
現在, 來個家庭大合照吧!

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