Friday, June 15, 2012

Amigurumi Mini Shiba 迷你日本柴犬鉤織娃娃

Before I knew how to crochet, I've once bought a mini crocheted doggie from a street fair, only about an inch tall, super cute and amazed by the skill to make such an adorable craft. After I started my amigurumi journey, I'm not sure why but I've never come across any doggie design. So that day when I was searching for crochet books, this one with lots of cute doggie design finally reached me.

在我還沒有懂得鉤織之前, 我曾經在一個市集裡買過一隻迷你鉤織狗狗, 只有大約一寸高, 非常可愛, 同時也非常驚訝於能夠做出如此精緻手藝的技術. 當我開始了我的鉤織娃娃旅程後, 不知為何從來沒有遇上過任何狗狗的鉤織圖. 直到那天在找尋鉤織書時, 終於碰上了這本充滿著各式各樣可愛狗狗的書本 - <鉤針狗狗的每一天>.

After finished reading the book, then only I found that actually it is not as hard as I thought to crochet a mini dog. There is a basic model for all the doggies, but slight changes in here and there for different breed. The book also introduced three poses, the stand pose, the sit pose and the lie pose, and among them, I love the sit pose most.

看完了整本書, 我才發現原來要鉤織迷你狗狗並不如我想像中的難. 全部的狗狗都有一個基本的造型, 不過不同的品種就有些微的變化. 書中還提供了三種姿勢, 站姿, 坐姿和趴姿, 而其中我最喜歡的就是坐姿.

Although there is a lot of design available, the one I've chosen was the Shiba, and this was also the only pattern with detail step to step. Since I'm using the common worsted weight yarn with a bigger hook, and not the fingering yarn, so the size of doggie I've made was much bigger than the mini dog I've bought, around 3" tall, though it is still a handsome doggie.

雖然書中有許多的款式, 我選擇了日本柴犬, 而這個也是唯一一個有詳細步驟的款式. 由於我使用了一般粗的毛線配上大號鉤針, 而不是細毛線, 所以我的鉤織狗狗比購買的那隻大許多, 大概有3寸高, 可卻依然英姿非凡呢.

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hi my name is gail (email address is … and l was wondering if you could send me the videos for your beautiful SNOW FLAKE SCARF as l cant seem to down load them. Thank you