Friday, June 15, 2012

Amigurumi Piggy Memo Clip 豬豬便條夾鉤織娃娃

From the crochet book on Teddy Bear, there is a pattern on a lying dog memo clip which I've always wanna to try, but I have not able to get the suitable clip to be used, so in turn I substitute with a smaller hair clip, and modified the design from doggie to piggie, which will be less complicate, just to try out how things turn out if using a smaller clip.

在<就愛新歡泰迪熊Teddy>裡, 有一款趴趴狗便條夾的鉤織圖是我一直想嘗試的, 可是一直沒找到合適的夾子, 於是我就用較小的髮夾替代, 然後更改了設計, 从趴趴狗改成比較簡單鉤織的趴趴豬, 想說先試試看用小夾子的效果.

The crochet part of this memo clip was easy, the hardest part would be attaching the clip to the mouth of the piggy. Since the clip is small so I have to tie it at the center part so it won't shifted, but the length of it was much longer than the mouth, so half of the clip has to be stuffed into the head part. And this clip has a narrow surface, not like the wide surface of the clip used in the original design, so after the clip has been installed into the head, it was not able to press open the clip, however, it is still able to slip any name card or memo pieces into the mouth without falling out.

這個便條夾的鉤織部分蠻簡單, 艱難的是把夾子系在嘴巴的部分. 由於夾子蠻小, 所以必須把它綁在中間以防移位, 可是它的長度卻超出嘴巴的部分, 只好把長出的夾子藏身於頭部. 同時由於這是個窄夾子, 不像原本設計中使用的寬面夾子, 所以當安裝好在頭部裡面後, 並沒有辦法把它按開, 可是, 還是可以輕易的把名片或便條紙塞進嘴巴而不掉落.

Although this is not consider a successful attempt, the big piggy head and nose are still adorable.

雖然這不算是個很成功的嘗試, 可是它那個豬大頭豬大鼻卻還是滿可愛嘀.

I've given away this piggy as a gift to my friend in Taiwan, together with her mate - the Bee Piggy. I believe the new owner will treat them very well!
我把這個豬豬便條夾送給了一位遠在台灣欣賞它的主人, 同時還給它做了個伴呢 - 蜜蜂豬豬. 我相信你們的新主人會對你們很好的!

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