Thursday, September 1, 2011

Amigurumi Pillow Pal Puppy 趴趴狗抱枕鉤織娃娃

上次鉤織了長頸鹿後, 就決定要弄K4TT的另一個可愛抱枕娃娃 - 趴趴狗~ (當然, 感謝也是免費圖案哦!)

Last time after I've crocheted the Pillow Pal Giraffe, I've decided to make another K4TT's design - the Pillow Pal Puppy~ (of course, thanks for another FREE pattern!)

Pillow Pal Puppy

第一次看見這只狗狗時, 讓我想起了以前我也有的一只的粉紅色大狗娃娃, 那時我很愛抱著軟軟的它睡覺, 可是現在已經想不起它去了那裡, 所以當決定要鉤織它時, 就選擇了粉紅色毛線, 然後配色就給選了上次鉤織中國娃娃用的紅色毛線.

The first time when I saw this puppy, it reminded me about the big fluffy pink puppy doll that I used to have, which I loved to hug to sleep, but can't remember where it had gone now, so when I decided to crochet this, I've chosen pink yarn, and for the matching color I've chosen the red fancy yarn I've used for China Doll.

這一次娃娃的脖子我是照著圖案鉤織, 不過最後並不是壓扁縫合, 而是讓它保持圓柱狀.
眼睛呢, 也是使用玩具眼.
不過, 只一次有點不滿意的是把脖子和頭部連接處定位太高了, 所以大頭沒辦法撐起來, 一直垂著.

This time, I've followed the exact pattern instruction for making the neck, but did not make it flat, instead keeping it at tube-shape.
As for eyes, I still use safety eyes.
However, the only thing that I'm not that satisfy with was attaching the neck and head at a little too high position, so cannot really hold the big head, and just dangle there.

完成後的作品, 除了頭部, 身體和腳完全不像我以前的大狗娃娃, 由於圓圓的身體和短短的腳, 反而有點像烏龜, 哈~
雖然如此, 整體來說, 它還是一個可愛的娃娃哦!

The finish work, except for the head, the body and legs looked totally different from my old big puppy doll, as the round body shape and short legs, it does looks a bit like a tortoise, haha~
However, overall it is still an adorable doll!

兩個趴趴一族 two pillow pal friends

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sbanks said...

The ravelry shop for the patterns closed. I sure would like to have a copy of the giraffe pattern. do you still have a copy? would you share?

cloudyland said...

Hi sbanks, I'm sorry, I didn't have a copy of the pattern, I just bookmarked the webpage and I can't open it too.