Friday, August 26, 2011

Amigurumi Pillow Pal Giraffe 長頸鹿抱枕鉤織娃娃

當我開始對鉤織娃娃有興趣時, 就在Lion Brand的網頁 ( 找到這個Georgina的長頸鹿鉤織圖案, 可是當時對鉤織還不熟悉, 所以就沒有動手, 可是就對可愛的長頸鹿娃娃產生了興趣.

When I started to have interest in amigurumi, I've found the crochet pattern of Georgina the Giraffe on Lion Brand's website (, but by then I was not familiar in crochet yet, so didn't take the move, however, I've gained interest in the cute giraffe doll.

做了幾次個人蠻滿意的鉤織娃娃後, 就重新想要鉤一隻長頸鹿, 雖然已經知道Lion Brand的圖案, 可是就是覺得可愛度不夠, 曾經在某網頁看到過很可愛的圖案, 可是需要購買, 為了省錢就算了, 繼續尋找. 終於皇天不負有心人, 讓我找到這個既可愛又免費的鉤織圖案, 真是太感謝這位博客了!

After a few attempt of making amigurumi which I'm quite satisfy with, so I would like to try to make a giraffe now, although I've gotten the pattern from Lion Brand, just thought that it wasn't cute enough, I've seen a really cute one on some website but need to pay, so just give up and keep searching, and finally, I've found this super cute and FREE pattern, many thanks to K4TT!

Pillow Pal Giraffe

這個鉤織圖案不算難, 只是需要長一點的時間, 因為比我以往做的娃娃大許多. 它是屬於抱枕型的, 大小剛好適合抱在懷中.
我稍微修改了一點點圖案, 把眼睛換成玩具眼, 然後脖子也從原本的扁狀換成圓柱狀, 覺得這樣比較可以托得住那顆大頭=D, 最後的成品我個人覺得好可愛唷~

This pattern is not complicated, but it needed longer time to complete, as is much bigger than the amigurumi I've made before. This is a pillow style doll, so its size is just nice enough to be hugged.
I've done some slight modification on the pattern, changed the eyes with safety eyes, and also changed the original flat neck into tube shape, as thinking that this could better support the big head =D, and I think the final look of this little fellow is so adorable~

經過這次成功嘗試, 我已經迫不及待的想要做這個博客的另一個免費圖案 - 趴趴狗抱枕鉤織娃娃了!
After this successful attempt, I can't wait to try the other free pattern from K4TT - Pillow Pal Puppy!


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K4TT said...

Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful giraffe with me. I absolutely love her!! I love your fiber view and appreciate your praise of my patterns!

sonia shum said...

Hi! Thx for sharing! I love it. And i went to the website that u provided in this post and it said I have to pay for the pattern. Can u pls post the pattern of it or send it to me? I know it may cause a lot of trouble to u but I really want to crochet this adorable pillow! Thx and sorry for causing troubles.

cloudyland said...

Hi Sonia, sorry that this pattern is owned by K4TT, so i can't share it, even myself did not save a copy, I've made it when it was free posted on the blog, guess I'm lucky by then~