Thursday, May 10, 2012

Amigurumi Sailor Palmie Bear Couple 水手服情侶掌心熊鉤織娃娃

Just like I promised, another Palmie Bear couple were born~
This time, they are dress in the cute sailor costume, and go sailing...

就如之前期待的, 又一對掌心熊娃娃誕生囉~
這一次, 它們穿上可愛的水手服, 出海航船去嚕...

For the sailor costume, the hardest part was to crochet the front part of the collar, and the result from my limited skill, it looks ok from far, but a bit rough if observed from near....

這一次的水手服, 最難的地方就是鉤織那片衣領的前半部, 從我有限的技術做出來的結果, 遠看可以, 近看則有點粗糙啦....

But who cares, they are still a lovely cute couple!

不過管他呢, 它們依然是一對可愛小情侶呀!

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