Saturday, June 2, 2012

Amigurumi Angel & Devil Palmie Bear Couple 天使與惡魔情侶掌心熊鉤織娃娃

Please welcome another bear couple who newly join the Palmie Bear village~
Let me introduce you to the sweet pinky Miss Angel, and her beloved gentle pinky Mr Devil.
*clap *clap *clap

讓我來介紹, 甜美粉紅天使小姐和她摯愛的和善粉紅惡魔先生.
*拍掌 *拍掌 *拍掌

When the angel meets with the devil, she melts his heart, and brings him back from the evil hell.
Since then, Miss Angel likes to fly around the clouds with her cutie little white dress and flapping her angel wings, looking down to Mr Devil who likes to enjoy the calmness during the sunset while wearing his dark cloak.

當天使遇上惡魔, 她溶化了他的心, 把他從萬惡的地獄帶回來.
從此, 天使小姐就喜歡穿著她可愛的小白裙在雲端飛舞, 輕拍著她的天使之翅望向穿著黑披風的惡魔先生, 在喜歡享受著寧靜的黃昏日落.

Angel and Devil, just like love, you can be in heaven for a minute, but the next will fall into hell, up and down in cycle, but this is the wonderful of love, isn't it?

天使與惡魔, 就好像愛情一樣, 前一秒可以是天堂, 下一秒卻可以是地獄, 上上下下的迴旋, 但這就是愛的奇妙, 不是嗎?

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