Friday, June 15, 2012

Amigurumi Patchy Piggies 拼布豬鉤織娃娃

After completed a few Palmie Bear couples, wanna to change the mood, so just grab a crochet book from the bookshelf and wanna to make something quick and yet, must be cute too.

完成了幾對掌心熊系列娃娃後, 想要轉換心情, 於是隨手拎起書架上的一本鉤織書<愛不釋手的毛線娃娃>, 想要做一個即快, 但又必須可愛的作品.

After flipping through the pages, instantly attracted to the little boar amigurumi, as I've always wanna to make a piggy doll but always distracted by other doll designs, and then modification to them, so finally this time I must make up my mind to do it.

翻了翻內頁, 就看上了可愛的山豬娃娃, 主要也是很久以前就想要做個豬娃娃, 可是一直被其他娃娃造型吸引, 還有延續的款式變化, 所以這一次無論如何也要動手了.

I followed the basic model as per the book, but skipped the sharp teeth, and replaced the round toy eyes with smiley eyes sewn with yarn, then made the curly cute tail, finally added crocheted patches on the plain body, so my first ever Patchy Piggy was completed.

基本造型和書上一樣, 可是我免去了山豬的尖牙, 把原本圓圓眼珠子換成毛線縫上的咪咪笑眼, 把尾巴做成可愛的卷卷狀, 最後在略顯單調的身體縫上也是毛線鉤織的拼布, 就完成了我第一隻的拼布豬.

Wonder whether due to the couples amigurumi that I've made recently, after the first piggy, can't wait to make another one to accompany it.
And so, by using the same colors of yarns but different combination, the second Patchy Piggy was born.

不知道是不是做多了情侶娃娃, 完成了第一隻豬豬後, 就立刻想要做另一隻來陪伴它.
於是, 就運用了同色毛線組但不同的配搭, 第二隻拼布豬娃娃也誕生了.

The fat and round piggies, even hubby said they are cute~
What do you think?

胖胖圓圓的小豬, 連老公看了也說可愛~

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