Friday, September 9, 2011

Leda Scarf 勒達蕾絲圍巾

這條圍巾已經織了幾個月了, 不是因為款式複雜, 而是由於它的長度, 加上用的是很細的sock yarn, 費時很長, 中間為了解悶, 還鉤織了許多的鉤織娃娃, 所以直到現在才完成.

I've been knitting this scarf for few months, not because of the complexity of the pattern, it was due to its length and the thin sock yarn I'm using which were very time-consuming, and in the middle of it, made a few amigurumi to get out of bored, so until now finally it was finished.

已經收藏這個勒達蕾絲圍巾款式一段時間了, 而會開始動工的原因是, 在我的毛線堆了, 找到了以前在多倫多買下的sock yarn, 當時因為很舒服柔軟顏色也很漂亮所以買了(粉紅和粉紫), 但是只各買了一卷, 並不夠織一雙襪子, 也不可能織一雙不同色的吧, 所以一直呆著, 直到看到這個款式, 突然想到可以混色編織, 就動工了!

I've bookmarked this Leda Scarf pattern for some while, the reason for starting it now was, in my pile of yarns, I've found the sock yarns that I bought while I was in Toronto, during that time I bought them because of their softness and cute colors (pink and purple), but I just bought one skein for each, not enough for a pair of socks, and would be awkward to make a pair of different colors too, so they were kept lying there until I thought of mixing them together for this scarf pattern, and so it all started!

Leda Scarf

原本的款式是有三段, 但是我只有兩個顏色, 而且也覺得三段有點寬, 所以就改成兩段, 一段一色.

The original pattern is having three segments, but since I have only two colors, and also feel like three segments will be a bit wide, so I've changed it into two segments, each for a color.

它的款式不難, 織了幾行就可以不看款式圖繼續了, 唯一要注意的是到結尾的時候款式有點不一樣, 要小心不要織錯.
除此, 由於這個款式是分兩部分完成, 所以在連接第二部分時要小心不要掉線.

This pattern is not difficult, after knitted a few rows can continue to knit without looking at the pattern, the only thing to note was the pattern is a little bit different at the end, so be cautious not to knit them wrongly.
Besides, since this pattern is completed in two parts, so be careful not to dropped a stitch when combining the second part.

根據設計師提供的小建議, 由於這條圍巾編織完後會容易捲曲, 所以建議使用可以用燙斗輕燙定型的毛線.
The designer's little suggestion was, try to use yarn that can be lightly ironed after blocking as the scarf will tend to curl in when finish.

以下是我的成品喔, 不過懶惰所以還沒熨燙過 ^^
Below are the photos of my finished item, but was too lazy to iron it yet ^^

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