Friday, September 9, 2011

Easy No Bake Cheesecake 簡易無焗芝士蛋糕

我愛芝士, 所以一直都很想親手弄個芝士蛋糕, 但是知道自己的烘培工夫有限, 所以一直沒動手, 可是那天心血來潮, 在網上竟然給我找到一個超級簡單又無須焗烤的芝士蛋糕食譜, 就立刻購買材料, 在勞動節的長週末做了我人生第一次的芝士蛋糕~

I love cheese, that's why I always wanna to make a cheesecake by myself, but I know my baking skill level, therefore never start the move, but then that day the mood suddenly striked, and I found a super easy and no bake cheesecake recipe online, so without any delay I've bought the materials needed, and made my first ever cheesecake during the Labor Day long weekend.

Easy Cheesecake #1

由於真的超級簡單, 就是把材料混合, 再冰凍就完成, 所以不一會兒就搞定了.
可是賣相不太好, 因為那些鋪底的全麥餅乾碎凹凸不平的, 鋪上芝士混合液後還留有空隙, 而且蛋糕表面也沒辦法抹滑.
雖然如此, 味道卻很好喔!

Since it is really an easy recipe, just mixed the ingredients and fridged it, so it was done in short time.
However, the look wasn't that good, as the graham cracker as pie crust was uneven causing after I spooned in the mixture there was a lot of gap underneath, and I couldn't smooth the surface of the cheesecake too.
Nevertheless, the taste was delicious!

我原本想要購買現成的撻皮鋪底, 因為看朋友弄過, 好看又方便吃, 可是在Walmart找不到, 所以才用全麥餅乾.
下次再弄時, 還會在上面加些水果或是巧克力粉末, 應該會好看些~

I was thinking to buy the ready made tart shell as the pie crust, as I saw a friend's cheese tart made with that, neat and easy to eat, but couldn't find that in Walmart, so I used the graham cracker instead.
So next time when I make this again, I'll try adding some fruits or chocolate powder on top, I believe it'll look better~

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