Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Amigurumi Garden Snail 田園毛線蝸牛

最近在圖書館借了一本毛線娃娃的圖樣本 <Amigurumi Knits>.
對我來說這一種毛線娃娃和我以往的不一樣, 因為是用棒針織出來的, 而不是鉤針鉤的, 所以是一個新嘗試.

Recently I borrowed a pattern book on amigurumi from the library, <Amigurumi Knits>.
For me, this type of amigurumi is different from the previous one I've made, as this was made by using knitting needles, instead of crochet hook, so it's a new thing to me.

這本書上介紹的圖樣都好生動, 幾乎可以以假亂真, 但是對於新手的我, 當然只是嘗試一些比較簡單的款式了. 第一個看上的款式, 就是這個田園蝸牛了.

The patterns introduced in this book looks so real, even can trick with the real thing, but for a newbie like me, of course will start with something simpler. The first pattern I'm attracted to, was this garden snail.

根據圖樣指示, 貝殼的毛線顏色主要為藍色系列, 而肉身則為橘色. 而我則在我的毛線堆裡, 湊出可以配搭的顏色, 就動工了.

According to the pattern, the color for the shell supposed to be blue series, while the mantle in orange. But for me, I just pull out the colors from my stack of yarns, and start knitting.

我個人覺得它的步驟不難, 但是照片不多, 因為有一些地方如果有照片提示會更容易了解的, 而我在這些地方就只好自己猜測, 還好沒有猜錯, 不然就得拆掉重來.

I personally think that the steps aren't that hard to follow, but lack of photos, as there are some steps that could be helpful if a photo is provided, so whenever I'm at those steps I've to guess, and luckily my guesses are right, if not I'll have to start over again.

可能是我貪心, 我都喜歡把內餡塞滿滿的, 結果我的蝸牛身體胖鼓鼓的, 害我在想若把它弄道法式田螺應該非常多肉. =P

Maybe I'm a bit greedy, as I like to stuff the amigurumi very full, ended up my snail's mantle quite round and fat, make me think that if it was to cook as a French dish escargot, it sure will be quite filling. =P

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