Thursday, April 26, 2012

Amigurumi Snuggly Polar bear 軟軟北極熊鉤織娃娃

Last time when I bought the yarn for Baby Bear, I also bought a big ball of Bernat Pipsqueak which was on sell in Jo-Ann, very comfortable and soft white yarn, the weak point of this yarn is the fur kind of easy to pull off, and due to its texture, it is very hard to identify each stitch for crochet, so I just did it by instinct.

上次買毛線做泰迪熊寶寶時, 就同時買了一卷Jo-Ann在特價中的Bernat Pipsqueak毛線, 非常舒服又柔軟的白色毛毛線, 可是缺點就是毛毛比較容易脫, 而且也由於它的毛毛, 鉤織時很難看見針目, 只好憑感覺鉤.

This Snuggly Polar Bear also took me three days to finish, and the difference between this and Baby Bear, were the shape of the mouth piece and the length of the doll, and the hard part was to sew the nose.

這隻軟軟北極熊同樣也是花了我三天的時間完成, 和熊寳寳不一樣的是嘴型和娃娃長度, 還有比較難的是用毛線繡上鼻子的部分.

Since I used a different color of yarns, mine is totally different kind of bear than the Coffee Teddy Bear introduced in the book, I transformed it into a Polar Bear ^_^ I've added some length to its arms and legs, and widen its waist a bit, since I felt the original was a little too thin.

因為毛線顏色的差別, 我的這一隻和<就愛新歡泰迪熊Teddy>裡面所教的咖啡毛毛熊就完全不一樣總類了, 它的熊熊被我變成北極熊了, 哈~ 而且我也加長了它的手腳長度, 身體的寬度也給我稍微增肥了, 因為覺得原本的似乎太瘦了點.

The teddy in the book was having a scarf, so I've made one especially for my Polar Bear too. I've chosen bright pink and blue, looks very striking when wear around its white fur!

書上的毛毛熊有一條圍巾, 所以我也給我的北極熊量身訂做了一條. 選擇鮮豔的粉紅和藍, 圍在白色的毛毛上, 很出色呢!


Took a few photos for both Baby Bear and Snuggly Polar Bear together, and they seem to have a very close brotherhood feeling, don't you think so?

為熊寶寶和軟軟北極熊一起拍了幾張相片, 它們看上去就像感情很要好的哥兒們呢, 你們覺得呢?

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