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Entrelac Tote 交錯款式手提包

許久前決定買這本<Entrelac: The Essential Guide to Interlace Knitting>, 因為很喜歡裡面圖片顯示的作品, 還有教學步驟, 覺得不太難, 值得一試.

I've decided to buy this book some while ago <Entrelac: The Essential Guide to Interlace Knitting>, as I love the pictures of the product it shown, and included the steps which I think is not so complicated, so definitely worth a try.

我並沒有製做書內提供的圖樣, 反而想說先掌握好這個交錯編織的技巧, 所以就打算做一個手提包, 簡單的兩片縫合即可.

I did tried any of the patterns in the book, instead I want to grasp the skill of entrelac knitting first, so I decided to make a tote, which simply sew two finished pieces together will do.

這個手提包我打算送給我媽, 所以選擇的毛線顏色不需要太花俏, 最後決定使用上次編織給老公那件毛衣剩下的灰色毛線, 和米色毛線交錯, 感覺應該蠻時尚吧~

I plan to make this tote for my mum, so the color choice of the yarn need not to be fancy, finally I decided to use the leftover grey yarns from my previous pullover project for my hubby, and mix with the cream color yarn, I think it should look quite stylish~

根據書中的一開始提供的教學, 驚訝的發現真的蠻簡單, 而且很快編織完一行的方塊. 第一次看到這種款式時, 還以為是需要把編織好條狀毛線, 再用編織籃子的方式完成, 原來不是!

According to the steps provided in the beginning of the book, found it surprisingly easy and fast to complete a row of squares. The first time I saw this pattern, I thought it needs to basket-weaved each stripes in order to complete, definitely not!

當我完成了第9行方塊時, 覺得高度已經差不多了, 結果才發現書中的結尾都是單數的, 也就是說教學裡面展示的只是第1排開端的三角形(右至左), 第2至第4中段, 最後第5排結束(右至左), 但是我已經完成單數第9排了, 所以只能自己想出第10行結束(左至右)的編織方法. 還好經過數次嘗試終於成功了, 雖然不確定對否, 但是由於待會還會加上個邊緣, 所以看上去是沒問題的.

After I finished Row 9's square and found it reached my desired height, but unfortunately to find that the ending row in the book was all odd number, which means in the steps shown Row 1's starting triangles (from right to left), Row 2 to Row 4 the middle part, and bind-off at Row 5 of triangles (right to left), but since I've completed Row 9, so I need to find my own way to bind-off Row 10 of triangles (from left to right). Luckily after a few attempt, I found my way, although not sure whether it is correct or not, but since I'll be adding an edge to it, so it should look ok.

完成交錯編織款式, 我就在結束那行挑針繼續下針編織一行. 接下來左右兩側我使用鬆緊編, 中段使用普通的下針編, 期間邊編織邊套上手把, 高度直到可以對折, 方便最後縫內袋時可以把邊緣藏起來.

After completed the entrelac pattern, I pick-up stitches at the bind-off row and knit a row, then continue with ribbing at both sides, while plain knitting in the middle, meanwhile adding in the handle, until the height enough to fold half, where will be used to hide the edges of the inner lining cloth.

同樣的步驟重複一篇, 然後就可以把兩片放在一起, 縫合左右和下方. 最後在手把下方扣上磁鐵按鈕, 手提包的基本樣子就完成了.

Repeat the steps one more time, then put the two pieces together, and sew both the left and right edges, and the bottom edge with mattress stitch. Finally, buckle the magnet buttons under the handle, and now the basic pattern of the tote is done.

根據包包的大小剪裁內袋的大小, 縫和適當的邊緣, 然後植入手提包中, 利用對折的包包邊緣把內袋縫上. 搞定手工, yeah~

According to the size of the tote, cut out the required size for the inner lining cloth, sewed the appropriate sides and put into the tote, sewed the inner lining cloth to the tote at the folded edge. Tada, it is all done, yeah~

**手把的位置和磁鐵按鈕的功效並不如我預期, 會想辦法修改.
**The handle and magnet buttons parts were not as I expected, will think of a way to fix it.

這個手提包看上去, 還不賴吧~
This tote bag looks stunning, isn't it?

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