Sunday, April 22, 2012

Amigurumi Amineko Cat 貓貓鉤織娃娃

Recently I was searching online for some crocheting books which teaches the pattern on cute amigurumi, I mean really cute one, so I came across this book <Hello My Name is Amineko: The Story of a Crafty Crochet Cat>, which this interesting kitty has so many expressions and body language. However, since there is only one pattern of kitty, and the price of the book is not cheap, so I just let it go. But who knows by accident, I found out that there is free pattern available online for this kitty (**copyrights are reserved by Nekoyama**), so happily I've made one Amineko for myself~

最近在網上想要找尋一些專門教導製作可愛鉤織娃娃的書本, 我是想找真的真的很可愛的那種, 結果找到這本<養一隻編織貓>, 裡面的那隻有趣貓咪真是多表情和肢體語言啊. 可是由於只有一種貓咪的圖樣, 而且書本價錢不算便宜, 所以就略過了. 誰知無意中卻讓我在網上找到這個貓咪的免費圖樣(**版權屬於Nekoyama**), 當然就很開心的做了一隻給自己.

Amineko Cat 編織貓
(This is a Japanese website, the pattern link located on the right under the name "pattern of crocheted Cat with diagram (Amineko)", click on it will open a new page, then click on the same name again will bring you to the pattern page with detail steps.)
(這是一個日本網站, 製作圖樣的網址在該網頁的右邊, 名為"pattern of crocheted Cat with diagram (Amineko)", 點擊後會打開新頁面, 再點擊同樣的名稱, 就會去到有詳細步驟的製作圖樣.)

The steps aren't difficult, but I'm not sure why the Amineko that I've made, looks more alike to Pink Panther (but only mine in gray instead of pink), although I followed exactly the same steps, I guess maybe sometimes the stuffing and placing of each parts will contribute to the "make-over".

製作的步驟並不難, 可是我不了解為甚麼我的編織貓, 卻看起來像是粉紅豹(只是我的是灰色而不是粉紅色), 雖然我完全根據一樣的步驟, 我猜或許有時填充棉花和縫合各個部位時也會帶來"改造"吧.

Learn some tricks from the book on posing the cat for photo shooting~


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