Sunday, April 22, 2012

Amigurumi Cutie Tarts Cellphone Straps 可愛毛線水果塔吊飾

That day I was flipping through my stack of books on knitting and crocheting, and found this book <So Sweet>, immediately attracted by the cute and colorful dessert on the cover, wonder why I did not make anything from the book after I've got it for so long, and so my craving for crocheting amigurumi started again, and I believe such a small dessert will not take me a long time to finish one.

那天翻動我那堆棒針鉤針的書本, 看到這本<鉤織甜點>, 就被封面上可愛彩色的俏皮甜點所吸引, 還蠻奇怪為何買了那麼久卻還沒動手做個書內的作品, 於是鉤織毛線娃娃的癮又開始犯上, 小小一個點心, 相信不一會兒就可以完成一個的.

The project that attracted me, was different kind of fruit tarts.
The first one I've made was peach tart, layered with white and yellow peach slices, topped with two tiny mint leaves. Since the yarn colors I've used were not striking enough, and made it feel so tasteless, so I added a little raspberry between the mint leaves. Now it looks lovely~

被我看上的, 是各種各樣的水果塔.
第一個動手做了桃子塔, 塔面鋪上白桃和黃桃片, 中間兩片小小薄荷葉. 由於我使用的毛線顏色沒有很出色, 所以覺得有點黯淡無味, 於是就在薄荷葉上加了顆小小覆盆子. 現在看起來就可愛啦~

The second one was the bright red color strawberry tart, of course layered with multiple strawberry, and a tiny mint leaves for decoration. This is my favorite amigurumi tart~

第二個製作的是鮮紅色的草莓塔, 當然就鋪上數顆草莓, 和小小薄荷葉點綴.這是我最喜歡的毛線塔~

The following two were combination of my own design with the existing pattern in the book, the green tea cream tart and tangy lemon tart.
The green tea cream tart was topped with a big strawberry on vanilla mousse, and mint leaves decoration, on the macha flavor cream.
The tangy lemon tart was topped with two slices of oranges with side of vanilla mousse and mint leaves.

接下來的兩個是結合我個人的創意和書上的圖樣, 創造出來的綠茶奶油塔和酸甜檸檬塔.
綠茶奶油塔擺著一顆大草莓於香草克林姆上, 以薄荷葉裝飾, 鋪在抹茶口味的奶油上.
酸甜檸檬塔呢則擺上兩片柳丁片, 同樣以香草克林姆和薄荷葉裝飾.

During this leisure afternoon, which one do you prefer for your tea time?

在這個悠閒的午後, 你想要享用那一種當下午茶呢?

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