Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Amigurumi Juicy Tomato 香甜毛線番茄

昨天下午無聊一邊看連續集一邊翻看<Amigurumi Knits>, 就決定動手做一顆不太費神的毛線番茄.

While flipping through the <Amigurumi Knits> while catching up a drama series on yesterday boring afternoon, decided to knit an amigurumi tomato.

這顆假番茄步驟很簡單, 不一會兒就完成了. 接著給我塞得滿滿後, 一顆又大又香甜的毛線番茄就完成了, 你想吃嗎?

The steps for this fake tomato were very easy, just take a short while will do. After my super stuffing, a big and juicy amigurumi tomato was done, wanna take a bite?

Between the real and the fake... 真假之間...

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